Writeups & Tutorials

  • SignStealingSoftware-P2

    As a result of the LFI, we have the ability to view a file’s content, but we don’t have the ability to locate files that we seek in the system. We thought of 2 different possible approaches:

  • CryptoGolf

    Our task is essentially the following: perform at most lim1 – 1 encryptions and send the decrypted challenge, so we need to uncover the secret in 128 – 1 == 127 queries.

  • RubiksCBC

    I implemented this really cool Rubiks CBC encryption algorithm and tested it on a document with my flag in it, but my dog ate my hard drive so I couldn’t decrypt the file :(

  • This isn't a Secure Line

    Our suspect is getting noided. We’ve managed to retrieve this from his computer. What can you find? Checking the file type with file data reveals that it is yet another BTSnoop file.

  • A Series of Tubes

    Use the personal information uncovered from PI 1 to find out where our suspect’s contact lives, his full name and the next flight he is taking.