Writeups & Tutorials

  • Grab Your Jisho

    これは文字化けか?それとも暗号…?The first clue is the title. Jisho is the Japanese word for dictionary and all of these characters are, you guessed it, Japanese Kanji.

  • Magic in the Air

    We are investigating an individual we believe is connected to a group smuggling drugs into the country and selling them on social media. You have been posted on a stake out in the apartment above theirs and with the help of space-age eavesdropping technology have managed to extract some data from their computer.

  • SpaceY Dump

    SpaceY Dump was a fairly high marks question in the Misc category for UMDCTF 2020. The goal is to try and unmask the anonymous Twitter user claiming responsibility for a hack and subsequent data leak.

  • PIL

    We have a main and 2 functions. GetNextPiDigit’s purpose is obvious, although we originally had some confusion over whether the one-million-digits.txt started with 3.14, 314, or 14.

  • Nameless

    The given executable is statically linked and stripped which means reversing will be a bit tougher. However, “main” isn’t too complicated and so we’ll be able to guess what functions are used.